My Story

I've lived and breathed Architecture profession from my earliest days, I was certain I'd become an Architect and couldn't stand the pleasure of visualizing a design as well as creating it's imaginary visualized world then seeing this design get built in real. I would say this might be one of my reasons of joining Architecture major. Most important of all, on the human side, through my Nine years of living abroad I developed on an attitude for adaptation to different situations which made me more self-responsible, self-committed, and good in time management. I'm curious about everything I don't know, how to do, and willing to spend the time and effort to learn it. Usually, I’m capable to do new things, with good results in a short time.

With the dynamic changes in my life, traveling became my favorite addiction. I have made a commitment to myself since June 2016, to travel once at least every month to a new place. Whether locally, regionally, or internationally, I simply pack my backpack and march on to my next louventure.

My Interests

Well, I haven't got the chance,yet, to become a full-time digital nomad or a full-time traveler. However, I definitely come to have a few other interests in my life.

The tops on my list are the ones below!

Food hunting

Basically, all about food porn.

Architectural Photography

Duh! That's what I do for living.

Graphic Design

Well, I started showing interest in graphic designing when I was 10.